“Truly superb find elegant dinning. Five star resort style, by far the best place to go on a very romantic date the food is amazing. It’s worth it its a must check out spot.”
“This restaurant was great. Prior to coming here, I have never had Brazilian food before but I now count it among one of my favorite foods. The service was top notch and all the waiting staff were very friendly. The food, once again, was simply amazing. I highly recommend for a great night out and good dinner.”
“Price was great. Atmosphere and customer service was superb. I would definitely come back again. Peter, the chef, was great and attentive to our needs. My fiancée and I sat outside on the patio and enjoyed their AYCE protein selection.”
“This place is legit. The service was great and our chef was very friendly.  I love Brasilian food but the quality of the meats here are out of this world good. For the $ you pay, you get 10x more than what you would expect.”
“This is definitely a favorite of mine and my children! We all love to eat and enjoy excellent dining, and Kravings always tops it on our list of great food and amazing atmosphere!! Highly highly recommend!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!”
“Kravings is an amazing place, food is fresh and so delicious. Dancers are fun and beautiful. Boy they can move!!! Luis the manager is very accommodating and so so nice. He’s definitely a man of Integrity.. He makes you feel at home and very welcomed to this fabulous restaurant.. I will definitely be back. Very classy inside and they have a beautiful outdoor patio.”
“Great happy hour selection and red wine HH is amazing selection… from Nappa to Argentina. People are sitting around and enjoying themselves. Love live love!”
“The food here was amazing, we got to try everything off the menu atleast once. I highly recommend their Picanha, Top Sirloin, Lime Chicken, Leg of Lamb, and Lamb chops! I’m definitey coming back for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more special occasions.. thank you for the great night, Kravings & staff!”
“Best experience with the staff and the food! Wow. You get a mixture of different fusion food. Denis was so amazing. He made sure we got everything we wanted and made sure we were satisfied. I would defiantly recommend this place!”
“I think by far the BEST Happy Hour anywhere!
Between the quality of the food and prices, what’s not to love? I can eat everything on the menu. My usual (cause I don’t cook it at home) is the 3 piece Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with salad. The bartenders are amazing!
The owner is super friendly and accommodating.They have a lounge area, a dining area, outdoor seating, a huge salad bar. Overall, good food, good people, cozy sexy atmosphere and private parking.”